August 27, 2010

A few of my favorite things

Okay, so I haven't posted for a while. The Spring 2010 semester ended and I was mentally exhausted (still working on that masters degree - 2 semesters left). I also wanted to spend as much time as possible catching up on reading some books that had been calling my name. So, in my spare time, I ended up reading about 10 books over the last 2-1/2 months. Here are a couple of my favorites:

The Rebellion of Jane Clarke: A Novel
I'm not usually a reader of historical fiction, but I chose this book because it is set during the pre-Revolutionary War period. So, while I don't typically chose historical fiction, I am a history buff and this book was set during my favorite historical time period.

This book was meticulously researched and covered the tensions in the colonies, specifically Boston, from both the British soldiers' side as well as the colonists' side just prior to and during the Boston Massacre.

This wasn't just well researched. It was written with the type of skill that makes us, as writers, say to ourselves, I wish I could write like that. I wrote a detailed review of this book on

The Good Psychologist: A Novel
This was yet another book that made me say to myself, I wish I could write like that. It was slightly disconcerting to read this book at first because the format wasn't done with the standard dialog format. I quickly adjusted to that, however.

This story was a compelling mid-life crisis (of the psychologist) and complex patient encounters. The most delightful thing was that each chapter went back and forth between therapy sessions and the protagonist's lectures to a class of college students, each with their own complex issues.

This was an excellent book. I wrote a detailed review on

A Kiss Before the Apocalypse: A Remy Chandler Novel
This is definitely an off-beat story - maybe characterized as urban fantasy.

Remy Chandler is an angel who chose to live life as a human. He's been alive for centuries. His one love, Madeline, has grown old and is dying. Meanwhile, the Angel of Death has been captured by some evil entities who prevent him from helping the souls of those who are dying to pass on to the next life. I told you this was an off-beat book.

This book, the first in the Remy Chandler series, captured me immediately. It was so good that I hated to turn the last pages. I wrote a detailed review on

There were so many other books that I read this summer. Now that fall semester is set to begin soon, my extracurricular reading activities will be limited . On the plus side, I hope to create more posts to this writing blog detailing my writing adventures.


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