December 21, 2011

Currently reading ... and should be writing... nearing the end of the year

The Weekend Novelist Rewrites the Novel: A Step-by-Step Guide to Perfecting Your Work by Robert J. Ray

I'm currently reading this book. Having read Ray's The Weekend Novelist, I was prepared to begin revising my finished novel.

Many of you already know I have a 300 page manuscript gathering dust. While I completed my MA, I worked on a thesis novel instead of revising my existing novel. Now I'm wondering if I should really rewrite the original or focus on continuing my thesis into a new full-blown novel.

While debating this in my mind, I've thought about how the current novel could really be book two in a series with the work-in-progress being book one. Massive uncertainty, without the guidance of an agent, has kept me in limbo now on both projects. Do I revise then query the novel that is finished, or do I move onto the work-in-progress? This is the question I'll ponder as the year draws to a close.


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