March 21, 2012

Update & review for "Getting Lucky" by D.C. Brod

My brother Tom died the day after my last post, on February 16th. I just assumed we would be two old people together someday, that he would always be there, always within reach by phone. I never dreamed he would be out of my life forever. Nothing prepares you for losing a sibling, especially to a sudden death like his.

Tell the people in your life that you love them. You never know when it will be the last time you have a honor to do so.

I've been holding myself together at work, then staring at the walls at home. I finally picked up a book again and started reading. The pain of this loss will be with me for a long time, but I'm feeling functional again.


Getting Lucky by D.C. Brod

The book was an unexpected treat. I expected it to be an ordinary reporter-uncovers-story tale, but it was more than that.

Robyn Guthrie takes over the case load of a coworker who is killed in a hit-and-run accident. She finds one story intriguing enough to throw herself into it wholeheartedly, uncovering things below the surface that form the remainder of this story. I don't want to say more as it would spoil the plot for perceptive readers of this review.

Written in first person point of view, we see the entire story only from Robyn's point of view. Fortunately, her point of view is an entertaining one. Robyn is witty and sarcastic, seeing the humorous side of things. She is an entirely likable character paired up with others in the story who are so well created that they come alive in the story; they are utterly believable.

This was a well written entertaining tale. It's apparently part of a series of books featuring Robyn Guthrie, but you can read this as a stand alone - no need to start with book one.


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