May 10, 2014

Beauty Haul - 3 luxury brands!

So, I got my mother's day gift certificates early this year. Macy's was having a big sale on everything.... except makeup. But most brands had some sort of giveaway.

Here's my haul:

Lots of fun stuff today!

For each of the groups of products above I got some freebies and also had a purchase with a purchase deal.

As usual, I plan to review all the products here as I use them. I like to try one thing at a time so that one product does not impact another, thereby ruining the chances of a good, solid review.

Here's my video (I guess it would be called a vlog) describing my shopping trip today and the haul I came home with. Excuse the throat clearing - getting over being sick.

By the way, I always wanted a vanity, and found out yesterday at work that most women want a vanity. So here I am at the "computer desk" and I decided to use it as a vanity - a fairly simple transformation. I can still pull out the laptop and use the surface when I need to, but a couple additions transformed it into a vanity.

Keep following my blog for product reviews and, of course, book reviews.


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