June 21, 2014

Linda Barnes "The Perfect Ghost" - Such mixed feelings... then left speechless

The Perfect GhostThe Perfect Ghost by Linda Barnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have such mixed feelings about this book...

Em Moore is the writing half, while Teddy is the one who interviews the subjects of the books they co-author. Teddy is outgoing, while Em is timid and clearly agoraphobic. When Teddy dies in a car accident she is nearly crippled with grief, but pushes past her fear of going out into the world to convince the publisher to let her complete the research for their final book together about famed director Garrett Malcolm.

Written in first person from Em's point of view, you feel so sorry for the timid girl that you cheer her on as she drives out to the cape and moves into a home near Malcolm's estate to complete interviews and write the final draft of the book. Portions of the book were so dull that I felt like skipping sections, but I persevered to read every word of this novel. The twists and turns that came were well crafted and unexpected. Still, the book bordered on dull in sections, even though it left me speechless at the end.

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