August 15, 2014

eSalon custom color, free through BzzAgent - a great success!

I belong to BzzAgent, a site you can join, answer surveys, get free product offers, then try and review the products. Anyone can join, but it helps if you are already active with social media, mainly because you need to post feedback on free offers you receive.

I got very, very lucky with a free product offer from BzzAgent for eSalon - a custom made hair color. I had to upload pictures of myself that showed, clearly, what my current hair color is, and fill out a short questionnaire with questions like: do you have any gray hair? how long is your hair? etc.

The hair color came out very similar to what I have been using, but just a touch better, less brassy. I have had a week with the new color and have gotten lots of compliments.

The color was very easy to apply, just like other home color you can buy elsewhere. With the color I used the application bottle for most of it, but did use a brush and bowl I also got from eSalon with my free order through BzzAgent. There was plenty of color provided for my longish, thick hair. Go see my short video at the bottom of this post!

So I just went online and reordered with repetitive ordering, every six weeks. This color is so good, that it's here to stay!

Thank you BzzAgent and eSalon!

I love this stuff!


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