November 9, 2014

Received free @SecretDeodorant to try and review --> fabulous stuff

I've always been a fan of Secret Deodorant. In fact, I had a different version of their gel deodorant when I received it free from BzzAgent to test and review:

I had never heard of Outlast in the past, opting for the clinical strength of Secret or Dove deodorant at times that I've been under a lot of stress.

This gel deodorant was slightly different from the secret gel I was using when this arrived.

I have been using this daily since it arrived and have noticed a few things: 1. I am dryer longer than I have been with past deodorants, 2. it does dry a little faster than other gel deodorants, though not quite as fast as they advertise, and 3. it left absolutely no marks on my clothes.

I'm such a fan that I went and bought it again and now have one in reserve for when this stuff runs out. This is great stuff.


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