November 8, 2014

Two products, one great result

I tried Juice Beauty CC cream and found the earthy scent was too strong and passed it on to my daughter. I was a bit concerned that this product would be the same way, but was pleased to find that the scent is almost non-existent, which is great. A Pros and Cons list:

Eye cream has a very nice, smooth consistency
Glides on easily on the delicate eye area
Pump works easily with a measured amount that is consistent with every pump
Pump has a neat design that is easy to use

Too much (more than you need) eye cream with every pump
Applicator doesn't work as well as your own clean finger
Too tall container
Price - too pricy for just 0.5 oz

Now that the nitty gritty details are done, I did notice a tremendous difference in the fine lines around my eye area - they were definitely reduced. Still there, but smoother. Now I'm not sure if this is the product that did it. Around the same time that I received this product, I also got Palmetto Derma Serum and started using it every day and night. I do try to test products separately, but wanted to see if they complimented each other - they most definitely did. One morning, after using the products for about a week, I noticed that my fine lines were smoother and much harder to see.

One additional note: the pump puts out more than enough for both eyes, so right after washing my face, I use my clean finger to scoop off one pump of the cream, pat half on one side and half on the other. The pump still puts out too much for both eyes, so I smooth any excess above my upper lip where wrinkles are also visible.

Bottom line: though pricey, I may buy it again. I would definitely recommend both product to my friends.


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