May 1, 2015

Full review Palmetto Derma product line

I have loved the Collagen Booster serum from Palmetto Derma ever since I received it in a Boxycharm box. Since then I have purchased more, and also purchased the Intensive Hydration on the advice of my daughter, who also got the collagen booster in her Boxycharm box. Palmetto Derma was kind enough to provide a free sample of their eye cream. This is all lovely stuff. I did give the Intense Hydration to my daughter because she loves it and I’m not sure that I do. The eye cream is very nice and I've been using it morning and night with nice results.

I posted a full video review review of these Palmetto Derma products on YouTube:

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Unknown said...

The stuff sounds wonderful, need all the help I can get at nearly 80 :0) Don't know if you have seen my latest post, I have a poetry book, free to download from Amazon for the next four days, Kaleidoscope, and wondered if you would be kind enough to post a review there and on your blog. Kind regards, Carole.

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