August 12, 2015

An Important Announcement

It’s not an easy endeavor to slowing go cruelty free, but that’s the plan. There is too much pain being inflicted out there for me to ever buy anything that is not cruelty free again. So my plan is to review things the same way I always have, but also say whether something is cruelty free or not. Eventually I will be completely cruelty free. Since I’m not made of money, I need to do this gradually.  On my blog, I’ll establish a database that I will build over time.  (DONE: click here)

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To read the PETA article about how NYX pledges to remain cruelty free in spite of being owned now by L'Oreal, click here

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Unless otherwise stated in my video or description above, this product was purchased by me. I am not affiliated with manufacturers or any subscription service and am not compensated for the review.  I promise you that you will always get my full an honest opinion.

Marketing: I would be open to trying products from any company. Contact me if there is something you would like to send for me to try and review.


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