April 16, 2016

Holy Grail Skincare ~ my favorite CeraVe products ~ cruelty free

Thanks for tuning into my channel. I had a subscriber ask me for some Holy Grail videos. This is the first one of what I hope will be a series. This first one is just skincare products from CeraVe, which are my favorite products ~ even when I switch around my products, I always go back to CeraVe. I have some very bad dermatitis issues in the past, which is why I started using this product line. I started with just the regular moisturizer and eventually expanded to the entire product line – they do have a new night cream, but I’m not sure I need that.

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Here are the products I talked about in the video, along with the average price. I just stocked up at CVS and then Ulta, when both were running buying one get one half off sales. If you start with just a couple products, you can slowly expand to the others as your budget allows. Buying everything at once can be very pricey.

Here are the products, the prices are from Ulta - everything is slightly cheaper on CVS.com

Hydrating Cleanser - 12 oz $12.99
Foaming Facial Cleanser - 12 oz 12.99
Skin Renewing Cream Serum - 1 oz $16.99
Eye Repair Cream - 0.5 oz $13.99
Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM with SPF 30 - 3 oz $14.99
Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM - 3 oz $13.99
Moisturizing Lotion - 12 oz $14.99
Moisturizing Cream - 12 oz $15.99

Visit the cruelty free or not page on my website

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Ipsy - generous sample size and sometimes full size items, great box
Boxycharm - my favorite box, all full size items worth over $100
Lip Monthly - 4-5 full size items with 1 item that is not for lips, great bag
GoodBeing Box - this is one of my new favorite boxes
Sephora Play Beautifully – Just made it off the wait list, not sure how long I’ll get this box

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Allure Beauty Box
Birchbox - a great starter box where you can discover great products and occasionally get a full size item

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Influenster – when you first join you are more likely to get a box than later on; I almost never
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Marketing: I’m PR friendly and would be delighted to try your products. Contact me if there is something you would like to send for me to try and review. Please be aware, however, that if I don’t like your product, I will be honest with my viewers. Also, I cannot promise you that your item will appear on my videos, and I don’t follow a time table with reviews.


Monah said...

I don't think cerave is cruelty free. I received a sample and researched cerave. I can't find them on any cruelty free list. Even their website says nothing about being cruelty free :(

Mary said...

I you look to my cruelty free vs not cruelty free page here on this website - look to the right panel, you can scroll down to CeraVe and see where I found the cruelty free sources (2 of them). One is Logical Harmony, companies don't make her list without proving that they are cruelty free. I trust her implicitly.

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