August 6, 2016

Product review - Belkin Power Rockstar Battery Pack

Belkin MFi Certified MIXIT Metallic 6600 mAh Power Rockstar Battery Pack with Dual USB Ports and Cable Storage, 1 x Lightning Cable and 1 x Micro USB Cable (Gold), Great for Pokemon Go

So there you are - the power has gone off because a tree hit a power line down the road. You phone isn't fully charged; your e-reader isn't fully charged; and your little book light battery is dead as a door nail because you haven't used it in so long. Sure, you can light a few candles, which can be fairly dangerous if you aren't careful. Sure, you have a few flashlights that might light up your world, at least for a couple hours. Out here where I live, we've gone long enough without power that we had to throw everything in the freezer and refrigerator out (that one was over 24 hours).

Enter, your battery pack device. I have AmazonBasics Portable Power Bank - 10,000 mAh
and have used it more times than I can count - even without the power out a battery pack is so useful. I read in bed, sometimes using my Nook reader, and if the battery runs low, I can easily plug it into the battery pack.

This is like my Amazon Basics device on steroids. It's easy to charge, it has a button you can push that gives an indicator of how much juice it has left, and it charges your device super fast. There is a very small 2 ended plug that stays in a magnetized area on the side. It's cool that it stores on the side, but I would have liked for the wire to be a little longer. As far as I can see, that literally the only fault I can find with this setup. This is the perfect little device.


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