December 4, 2016

Product Review ~ Dermalogica Precleanse Oil ~ very nice, but not my favorite precleanse oil

Dermalogica Precleanse, 1 Ounce

I have been using cleansing oils as step one in my cleansing routine for a while now. Since I got a neat little set of Dermalogica products, I bought this little bottle of precleanse to test out whether Dermalogica will be my new favorite skin care - the jury is still out on that.

This oil is a nice light oil that you massage into your face before cleansing. It is water emulsified so after I massage it in I wet my hands, then rub the oil - it's really cool when it emulsifies. Then the routine dictates that you rinse that off, then proceed with the cleanser, which I do in the morning. At night, I do the emulsification step, but don't rinse off, then rub in cleanser and my skin feels super moisturized for bedtime. Though I like the precleanse, it is so similar to other oils I've used that water emulsify, and you rinse it off thus having any benefit run down the drain. Also, I've been using Almond Oil for years now and love it as a precleanse (my favorite is on the right) - it's not water emulsifying, but combines well with any cleanser I follow it up with and it has the side effect of my eyebrows getting thicker. I don't think I'll buy this expensive oil again - that's why this 1 ounce travel size worked out so well.  This was the perfect way to try before buying the big one.

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