April 25, 2017

Book review: Vanishing Act by Thomas Perry

Vanishing Act (Jane Whitefield, #1)Vanishing Act by Thomas Perry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've read and enjoyed so many of Thomas Perry's Jane Whitefield series, so I finally got my hands on this first book in the series. The book does contain a history of the character, a Native American Seneca - I was particularly interested in this because I have Seneca in my family tree. So I was very interested in the history aspect of the book, but some readers may not be as interested in this background information, which you can easily skip past, but I don't recommend that. It does help explain what makes Jane the way she is.

This is an intriguing story about Jane Whitefield working with people who need to disappear because someone wants them dead. The focus character who comes to Jane is John Felker, a retired police officer with a bag full of money. The story follows the pair on the journey to anonymity. There are twists and turns that keep you reading to the very last page

Having read quite a few books in the series, you don't really need to read them in order. Even though this book builds her history, there are nuggets of that history sprinkled throughout the series. I do recommend this series very highly, but don't wait to read other titles until you've read this first book. Read whatever part of the series you can get your hands on - excellent and total worth your time.

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