June 3, 2018

The Blood of Patriots by Bill Fulton and Jeanne Devon: Amazingly suspenseful, edge of your seat reading

The Blood of Patriots: How I Took Down an Anti-Government Militia with Beer, Bounty Hunting, and BadasseryThe Blood of Patriots: How I Took Down an Anti-Government Militia with Beer, Bounty Hunting, and Badassery by Bill Fulton
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The beginning of this book was laugh out loud funny during the chronicling of his trip from down south all the way to Alaska. After arriving in Alaska and being medically retired from the military, Bill Fulton starting selling military stuff like that you can find at any army/navy store on the internet. When he opened his shop in Alaska, he hired other veterans who were suffering from a lack of direction and some PTSD. It gave them a place to call home, and a job they could be proud of. And, of course, his shop carried more than the average army/navy store. He also had body armor and other such equipment. Over time, he attracts the attention of some anti-government militia, with one who was particularly dangerous.

To say more would likely ruin the story for you since most of the above happens very early, near the beginning of the book. It takes off frighteningly fast after that and runs at a breathtaking pace. Told in the first person, since this is a memoir, you feel every prickly fear that Fulton feels and cascades of emotion. I read this book in a matter of two days. This non-fiction book is not usually my type of book, but this story was impossible to put down. This was written with journalist Jeanne Devon and you could see the skill there in the story telling. I had to keep reassuring myself that Fulton didn’t die during the course of his dealings with one particularly dangerous person (I knew he lived to tell the story).

I think this book could appeal to anyone. I almost didn’t read it, but ended up the edge of my seat, biting my nails, and worrying. Now I’ve passed the book on to my husband, and he’ll enjoy the heck out of it too.

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