September 6, 2019

The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll ~ a totally life-changing book

The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the FutureThe Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future by Ryder Carroll
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To say this book was life-changing for me would be an understatement. I was mired in to-do lists and abandoned planners until I found this book.

I checked this book out of my library thinking, okay here we go, another method that I'll fail. Planning is not my strong-suit, but I can see I need it desperately. Ryder Carroll shared his own story, and how he couldn't get anything done until his boss shared a new idea for a to-do list, and Ryder Carroll tailored it to his needs and created his own system in this book.

Before reading this book, I had watched quite a few videos on bullet journals and was a little turned off by the creativity and fancy lettering that some people put in their bullet journal. I knew that just wouldn't work for me because I would be more focused on being creative than actually planning out my life and accomplishing things. This book taught me that, using Ryder Carroll's message freed me, and I started getting lot more done. Now I have a B6 Stalogy notebook (which I love) in a cover that was my Dad's, and I'm getting more done every day, and planning the future well too.

This book is good enough to own, so I may buy my own copy soon. I love this method and I love Ryder Carroll for sharing it with everyone. Total awesome book!

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