July 20, 2013

Adding social media icons to blogger posts

I've been struggling for a while trying to get social media icons to appear under all my blogger posts. This is not always easy and until today I couldn't find a workable fix for this problem.

First I found a very nice site that instructed me on how to put a Pinterest follow button on BloggerSentral. That worked very well. Still, I struggled further with how to insert the social media icons at the bottom of each post and found that nothing really worked. Options included another work around by BloggerSentral for inserting a Pinterest icon in the coding. I know quite a bit of html coding, but didn't feel comfortable with the coding suggested.

Finally, I went to YouTube and found a very short video with no sound whatsoever that showed me how to put follow us buttons on your blog, but I really needed to know how to create share buttons for my individual posts. This video showed a person going to AddThis. After I registered for a free account, I clicked "Share Buttons" (you can only access this after you register). I clicked Blogger out of the list of website and blog options, selected the share buttons I wanted - as you can see in the image, it generates the code as soon as you click your preference

then I scrolled down to the html box and click "Grab it" - that copied the code. Then I came to this blog, clicked layout, then add a gadget, pasted the html code in and dragged it under the "blog posts" box.

That was all it took to add the icons! Finally a tool that worked!


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