December 29, 2014

Life Planner - Free daily goals PDF - using this may help you stay on top of your goals #planner #planning

Well, I did manage to create a document for use in the desk size planner and/or A5 Filifax. What I've created is the basic to do list for your planner.

Here is what it looks like:

I printed this page for my planner on both sides of the paper - I loaded it manually.

I designed the text portion of the document to allow for decorating with washi tape. Here's a simple design I made:

As you can see, I demonstrated regular size washi tape (top) and narrower washi tape (bottom). What I don't show is that I hole punched both sides so I can date and use, then flip to the other side. Hopefully I've inspired you.

I find this design works exceptionally well for planning. I use these in addition to regular planner inserts from Day-Timer and find these pages really do help me stay on task and get things done.

I'm planning to also create a diet and exercise log - stay tuned, it'll appear soon.

Here's a link to download the form: Goals planner page

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