December 13, 2009

Now on to the 2nd draft of the novel...

Schoolwork is now completed for the semester. It's time to finish that second draft of the novel. Getting through the first draft was hard, but it is nothing compared to the rewriting that takes place in later drafts - to be quite honest, at times it's positively excruciating.

Karen Miller says, in her web article The Tyranny of the First Draft, that you have to keep writing successive drafts until you "make it a fabulous novel." how many drafts will I need to write? I was hoping that a future 3rd draft might do the trick.

Well ... on second thought, maybe it's time for me to take a break tonight. Afterall, Gracie fell asleep sitting up waiting for me to finish my work and play with her. Ha, ha, not really, but almost.

Good dog!


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