April 11, 2010

Rejected again ... but still writing

Sometimes when your query is rejected - I've been rejected for a total of eight times now - it's hard to keep your chin up and keep on going. Even so, I still have so many stories in my head waiting to be told and every day I have new ideas that come to me like fall leaves raining down and fluttering around me (how poetic, ha ha). I know that I'm not a one story wonder. I have so many stories to tell. So, I am keeping my chin up. I'll keep submitting queries for my novel, continuing all the while to pray for an agent to take an interest.

New topic now ... well not totally new. Since I am still writing every day in spite of my rejections, I thought it would be neat to add a word counter or two to my sidebar. I searched for ways to change the code imbedded in this page. I did a google search for progress bars and found that most sites give you the ablity to create it on their site then copy and paste the code into your page. Well, I didn't like the idea that every time my word count changed, I would have to go back to that page and put all the info in again to create a new bar every time. I knew there had to be a better way to do it, but I wasn't sure how. It became a more and more frustrating enterprise until I happened upon this link:


It seems that a kindly man named Matthew Harvey created a progress bar for his wife's knitting blog. He was kind enough to share it with the world under the Creative Commons license share alike 2.5. At the URL above, there is code you can copy and paste into your page and personalize just like I plan to. Please see also the licensing at the bottom of the page where the code is provided. Be sure to paste the code into your page so that it includes credit to Matthew Harvey.

Oh, and by the way - had to share this picture I took of my dog - note how tiny my cat Spike looks in the background :-)


Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

In his book on writing, Stephen King talked about all the rejections he got, and he got a lot! He put them on the wall. Keep you chin up! Onward.

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