May 30, 2011

Work, school, writing and the relentless pursuit of the masters degree

After three years of all of the above, I am flat out exhausted. I am decompressing from the relentless pursuit of my degree while life continued to chug along, Now free of the school obligations, I have continued to work full time and with my newfound free time, I read a lot.

Three years was long enough to develop the ever-busy habit of running in place, so now that I only have work left (and am still lucky to have a husband, kids, and my animals), I continually feel like I’m supposed to be somewhere. The problem is, the continuous stress of working, going to grad school, and writing a novel were too much for too long and now I feel like I can’t write anymore.

I’ll be kind to myself and allow myself to decompress and continue to read a lot while I nurture my soul and slowly coax the writer in me back to life.


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