July 24, 2011

Sally Sin

Original Sin: A Sally Sin Adventure (Sally Sin Adventures)Original Sin: A Sally Sin Adventure (Sally Sin Adventures) by Beth McMullen

I was so sorry to see the last page of Sally Sin! I'm hoping there is another Sally Sin book in the works.

Lucy is a happily married mommy with a past that her husband doesn't know about - she was a covert agent, running missions overseas for the government. Her husband knows what agency she worked for, but thinks she just had a desk job. Lucy is happy to leave it at that. The less hubby knows, the better. Unfortunately, her past life comes knocking at the door and Lucy's peaceful, simple little life is thown into utter chaos.

McMullen treats us to a delightfully whitty, snarky character. Her first person prose brings the story brilliantly to life as we jump on the roller coaster when Lucy's past as Sally Sin collides with her present. Though the book is laugh-out-loud funny most of time, it's also suspenseful enough to keep you up reading into the wee hours of the morning turning pages until you can finally see how the story will play out.

This is an awesome story by a skilled writer. I highly recommend it.


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