January 8, 2012

Love You More by Lisa Gardner - wow! 5 out of 5 stars!

Love You More (Detective D.D. Warren #5)Love You More by Lisa Gardner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first Lisa Gardner book I've ever read, but it is apparently part of a series featuring the detective D.D. Warner. She is called out to work on her day off to spearhead the investigation into why a state trooper shot her husband and why the trooper's six-year-old daughter is missing. The plot takes off at break-neck speed, twisting and turning and keeping you turning the pages continuously until you finish the story. To tell you more would completely spoil the story.

Gardner writes this story in third person limited point of view with D.D. Warner, but shifts into first person point of view with the trooper, Tessa Leoni. This is done to great effect, showing the external struggles that D.D. Warner goes through while trying to solve the crime and, when it shifts to Tessa in first person point of view you develop a real feel for what Tessa is dealing with and where she comes from; plus it helps you develop some sympathy for Tessa.

D.D. Warner, as a continuous character in the series should be the main character, but using first person point of view with Tessa actually causes her to become the focus of the story, making Warner almost a secondary character. I'm not sure if that was Gardner's intention, but it works well, especially for someone like me who has never read a Gardner book before.

You know what my response to this book was? I immediately went and got my hands on another book by Lisa Gardner. This writer is now a keeper.

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Portugal said...

Love You More by Lisa Gardner Reviewed by Russ Ilg Lisa Gardner was the winner of last years Best Thriller Novel at The Thriller Writers Convention in New York City for The Neighbor. A huge honor for any writer and well deserved for one of the best in the industry. Now she has her next smash hit ready to hit the stores, Love You More. I really felt that she had reached her stride in The Neighbor and was hoping she could do just as well with her new book. Well was I thrown a curve. She not only matched her best to date but blew it right out of the water.

Arthur said...

THis sounds like a superb book. I was blown away by the audio book segment that I heard on Elaine Charles' radio show(http://www.bookreportradio.com).
It has tremendous pace and seemingly a twisted plot. Just the stuff for a weekend off.

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