August 11, 2012

Little Night by Luanne Rice - a real page turner

Little NightLittle Night by Luanne Rice
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are a limited number of stories out there, each writer has a different way of telling that story that makes it interesting. That's exactly what Luanne Rice has done in her book Little Night.

Clare and Anne come from a home heavy with secrets and when they move into their love lives each reaches for something different. Clare finds true, gently love, while Anne finds deadly love. What follows is a story of Anne living in an abusive marriage, lying to herself as many abused spouses might, barely managing to protect her two children. Rice writes a tale that shows the far reaching effect of just such a marriage on an entire family and spans the globe from New York to Denmark.

Now ask yourself what you would do if someone were strangling someone you love. I know what I would do... exactly what Clare did. Her action has consequences that take years to recover from.

Rice uses about 10% first person and 90% third person - all to great effect. The first person point of view feels like someone speaking to you and telling you what they've been through, while third person point of view shows us everyone's reactions to those details given in first person. A bit complicated, but it works.

This was a book that was nearly impossible to put down and will live in my thoughts for days to come.

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