July 21, 2013

Writer ... not writing a word

So, I'm off from my day job post op. It's been 2-1/2 weeks since my surgery and now I've grown impatient with myself. I feel like I should feel absolutely normal by now (even though the surgeon told me to be patient with myself).

All I've been doing today is reading and watching TV. Okay, so reading isn't a total waste of time, but watching another episode of a home renovation show is. I search through a drawer and finally find the 65 rewritten pages of my 300+ page manuscript with the plan of reading through them and continuing the rewrite. Still, the pages sit staring accusingly back at me. Okay, so maybe another draft of the novel is a bit too daunting, even on a good day.

I guess I'll continue to read and watch another home renovation show.


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