August 24, 2013

Good, but not perfect paranormal thriller

Let the Dead SleepLet the Dead Sleep by Heather Graham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First, I'm glad to see that this title by Heather Graham is part of a series of books (Cafferty & Quinn). The downside is that there is a lot of background done that will likely help bolster other books in the series. Still, this book can be enjoyed on its own.

Danni Cafferty and Michael Quinn are at the center of this story. She is a shop owner who just lost her father, a collector of odd things. Michael Quinn lived the fast life and loses his life, only to come back from his experience with the resolve to live a more virtuous life. Enter, the bust of an evil man from Roman times that Danni and Quinn must find to save lives. ...and that's all just in the beginning of the story.

This story is written mostly from Danni and Michael's point of view with a sharper focus on Danni's POV. The little shop she has inherited has some odd items, many neutralized by Danni's father Angus. There is paranormal material in the book, enough to satisfy the those of us who enjoy a bit of the paranormal. There is a romance that brews between Danni and Quinn, enough the satisfy those who like some romance, but don't want it to be the center of their reading. Though it did take some time to take off, this is a good thriller that keeps you guessing.

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