December 22, 2013

A battle of good an evil that could threaten the fate of the world

The Megiddo Mark, Part 1The Megiddo Mark, Part 1 by Mackenzie Lucas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First, I was able to buy this book on Amazon in one edition (not 4 separate booklets, but that's the only way it is listed on Goodreads). Look for ASIN: B00EHN2VLM

This is billed as a romance, but it is so much more. American Literature professor Malena Alexander, goes to England to close up her great aunt's estate after her death. She is somewhat charmed by what she finds in London. She meets Cullen Wade, an edgy archeologist, after an auction where, through trickery, Malena wins the bidding war for a rare copy of her deceased mother's poetry. All of her books contain secret messages to Malena. She finds a secret message under the bookplate that makes no sense to her at all, but it will.

The book takes off at a blistering pace after the initial set up. I won't reveal more about the book. The publisher has already indicated that there are angels and demons and a fight between good and evil that could decide the fate of the world. Malena and Wade both have a crucial role to play.

There was just enough detail given so you could picture the sites, right down to the rocky Cornish coast where Malena and Wade go to stay in her late aunt's home, now her home, her inheritance. The story is told in third person limited, so we know what Malena and Wade are thinking and feeling with only very rare glimpses into the thoughts and actions of the antagonists. Lucas managed to captivate me so thoroughly that I couldn't wait to get back to the book after work, savoring the last pages. I highly recommend it.

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