June 15, 2014

Just joined another beauty box! Here's a recap of the others....

Well, heaven help me, I just joined another beauty box!  Now I subscribe to three, and got a gift subscription on one, bringing the grand total up to four beauty box/bag subscriptions!

Here's a recap:

I just joined Beauty Box 5 --> I used the promo code Free614 to get one box free. When my first box comes I'll make a video of the unboxing and review products.

The first beauty box I joined was Sample Society --> I've gotten two boxes so far and am less than enchanted with the most recent box. I'll give them another month. I really did like my first box though, so I'm hoping this is just a fluke.

June 2014 box
I've just received my first Ipsy Bag and absolutely love everything in it except the lip gloss - I never liked the sticky feel of lip gloss. This bag is a total winner and I'll probably subscribe to this bag for a long time.

June 2014 bag
I got a gift subscription of three months of Birchbox and really think I will probably make this permanent. I got two boxes so far and am very happy with everything they've sent so far!

June 2014 box

That makes four boxes!  I will likely cancel one soon .... Just can't afford this many boxes!


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