June 21, 2014

Testing & Review of Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Spotless Foundation & Brush - Cruelty Free

My Elizabeth Arden foundation finally ran out (I'll miss you), and since I've committed to replacing products that run out with only cruelty free products, I purchased this Physicians Formula foundation. I like that it is a thin product that you brush on. It made a silky smooth finish on my skin with no brush-marks. It also made my skin look smoother and didn't settle into the fine lines around my eyes. The brush is not as soft as I would like, but still works well with this makeup to make a flawless finish. This one is a keeper, especially when paired with my favorite Physicians Formula loose powder. This is makeup that I will likely wear for many years to come. This is fabulous stuff.

View my YouTube video review below:


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