September 15, 2014

Green Bark Gummies - My doggies love these! #Swaggable

I was very happy to receive a full size bag of these treats through Swaggable for my dogs to try. My dogs were so delighted by these treats that my nine-year-old German Shepherd actually galloped around the house after getting them. They absolutely love them.

They are dark green/brown treats that are loosely shaped like gummy bears, They have the feel of jerky and they don't smell great to us humans, but the dogs thought they were wonderful. I especially like that these treats don't contain any wheat, corn, or artificial flavors or sweeteners. My dogs find these treats positively delicious, and I feel like I'm giving them a healthy treat. I clearly need to buy these when this free sample runs out.

Here's a video I posted on YouTube about this product:


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