September 21, 2014

Use these to decorate the inside of my planner - absolutely love these markers!!

I got these Mead Academie water soluble markers on Amazon and love them!

I've been drawing, painting, and writing all my life, so these markers appealed to me immediately. Yes, you can use these to create a masterpiece like the one on the cover of the tin. I've been using my markers in a completely different way - I use them in my 2014-2015 planner. Yes, I bought a spiral planner that is very plain on the inside, at least until I started decorating it. Rather than buying an expensive planner I opted to buy a $7.99 planner at CVS. I decorated that planner with stickers tape, and using these lovely markers, and every weekend I decorate the upcoming weekly page. These markers write so beautifully and the colors are so stunning. Yes, you can use them to create a masterpiece, or you can use them the way I have for daily and weekly use. These will not collect dust in my home like so many of my other art supplies have.

A couple important points: these are a wide range of colors, the tin give you ideas with regard to using them for art, and the tips are super durable. I worried that they would wear down the way so many felt tip markers do, but they stood the clumsy capping test - I looked up at the TV while capping one of the markers and ended up pushing the tip, hard, into the palm of my hand. No I wasn't hurt, but I worried that I may have ruined the marker. It survived! The same marker, one of my favorite colors, is perfectly fine and didn't get smashed. The tips are super durable and passed my clumsiness test. This is a great set of markers!


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