October 5, 2014

Where have these been all my life!

Visine Tears Lubricant Eye Drops - Long Lasting Dry Eye Relief, 0.5-Ounce (Pack of 2)

Finally!  Drops that actually work!

I suffer from fairly severe dry eye, particularly in the morning and the early part of the day. My eyes also feel itchy and uncomfortable due to dryness throughout the day. I've tried eye ointments during the night, but they leave the eye feeling gooey in the morning. The most acutely dry period of time for me is in the early and late morning hours. I have eye drops that I have been using once or twice a day. Then these eye drops came to the rescue. I put  these in before bed and in the morning when I wake up and for once, I'm not conscious of how my eyes feel! Dry eyes are uncomfortable on a good day and can be real torture on a bad day. These drops completely moisturize the eyes and they stay moist and comfortable all day. I don't know how they did it, but Visine came up with fabulous relief. I'll be buying these drops from now on and saying "ahhh," when I put them in and go on with my day. Great stuff!


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