January 18, 2015

Unsubscribed from Blush Beauty Mystery Box ~ now down to two great subsciptions

My December Blush Mystery Beauty Box was a jumble of stuff, including one repeat item. I gave them one more month to pick things up and make a good box, which they unfortunately failed to do. I was pretty ticked off to get the same acne face wash from December, in January's box. 

I really loved this box when I first subscribed. It was a consistently great box full of great stuff. December and January showed a huge change... like someone was fired or quit, leaving the box without much in the way of curating. 

Of course, now that I've unsubscribed, they will probably improve, but I still won't resubscribe. My vanity is full of stuff I still haven't used, and I'm still subscribed to Boxycharm and Birchbox - two absolutely great boxes!

Here's my Blush Mystery Beauty Box unboxing video for January 2015:

Going backward, here is my Blush Mystery Beauty Box unboxing video for December 2015:


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