May 7, 2015

This cat food seems to have decreased the throwing up that all cats do

Purina Pro Plan Wet Cat Food, True Nature, Grain Free, Ocean Whitefish & Salmon Entrée, 3-Ounce Can, Pack of 24

Anyone with cats knows that they periodically throw up, not always from pesky hair balls. Since starting this food there is less throwing up around the house, not having to use as much [[ASIN:B009P71EF4 Nature'S Miracle Pet Stain And Odor Remover 24 Oz]].

This cat food is solid, not flaked or chopped. But unlike a lot of solid cat food, this is soft and easy to dish out, even when you're bleary-eyed like I am in the morning. It doesn't have a terribly strong fishy smell like some other brands do. My cats practically do cartwheels when I'm dishing out their breakfast every day, but they seem particularly fond of this food. They clean their bowls completely, not leaving any of this food behind. Previously, was splitting a can of Fancy Feast between them and they often left food behind in their dishes. Not so with this food. And with the decreased throwing up, it's well worth continuing to use this food. We hear about how grains are not particularly good for dogs, maybe their not good for cats either. This food is grain free and that may be the reason it agrees with my cats so well.

This was such a success that now I'm off to find the dry food companion to this food. This is great stuff - my cats agree.


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