August 11, 2015

Equitance 60 Day Callenge Day 30 @equitanceUSA

This is my day 30 check in for the Equitance challenge.

I was given free products to try and review by Equitance - serum and vitamins. I’ll be using the products every day for 60 days. I’ll be taking pictures on day one (done here), day 30, and day 60.  Even though I received these products for free from Equitance, as always you will get my honest opinion.

Here are a couple links you may wish to explore:
My day one video
The Equitance website

One disclaimer that I would like to add is that every single day of this challenge I wore sunscreen, even if I only went to the mail box. I figured it didn't make much sense to use a lightening product and also expose myself to the sun. Everyone repeat after me: the sun is not your friend.

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