August 4, 2015

Review Crest Pro Health HD #Sponsored @Walmart @Crest

I was very fortunate to receive this Crest Pro-Health HD whitening set free to test and review from Crest through Bzzagent. Getting this product for free does not influence this review. Honestly, I didn't believe this toothpaste would make much of a difference. I'm an older person with some tooth discoloration that I thought I would just have to life with.

I have a situation that not many of us have when we  start using a new product that could make a visual difference in appearance. I went for my first appointment for a crown and told the dentist and his assistant that I was going to try this toothpaste. Exactly two weeks later, I went for my permanent crown and they said they could see a difference. I do have dental work on my top front teeth, but not on the bottom and those teeth always looked a little darker, especially since I'm a coffee and tea drinker. Those bottom teeth as well as all of my other teeth are now visibly whiter, and having the dentist notice the difference drove home the point that this stuff really works!

Now that said, this is very strong stuff. You brush with the step 1 paste then, while your teeth are still coated with the step 1 paste, you brush with step 2. The combination of the two has a very strong taste, not very pleasant. If you get any on your chin, if you have sensitive skin, you'll see some redness. But I'm willing to put up with the taste to have such a difference in my teeth. When this runs out, I'll be purchasing it again.

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