April 17, 2016

DigiHero ZipBand Fitbit Zip Accessory Wristband Bracelet - Beautiful, but nearly impossible to secure

DigiHero ZipBand Fitbit Zip Accessory Wristband Bracelet for Fitbit Zip/Fitbit Zip Accessories/Fitbit Zip Clip/Fitbit Zip Extra Clip/Fitbit Zip Replacement Clip (No Tracker)

I wear a fit bit and the band I had finally wore out. I bought this set of bands so that I could interchange bands.

First one of the pluses. It was very easy to insert the fit bit without too much of a struggle - since it is open on both sides everything is easier, including changing the battery. My old fit bit band was closed on the back, so when it was battery changing time I would have to pry the little thing out of the band, then pry the band opening a little so that I could get the thing back in there. This band made it so easy since the back is open - no more prying the fit bit out, just a quick battery change and your back in business.

Major problem: it's nearly impossible to secure the band since the end of the prongs is wider. It literally takes two of us (my husband and I) to get the prongs to go down into the holes all the way. I even took a screw driver to the holes to loosen them up to no avail. The plastic band is beautiful, but too rigid to conform to the prongs. Since I like to wear mine a little loose, I put it on backwards and after several minutes of struggling I can get it on well enough to stay on. I think if the plastic was just a little softer, it would go on easier. Now I'm just about ready to jump in the shower and hate that I will have to struggle, yet again to put it on when I get out.

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