May 4, 2016

Product review: Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette - like a spa for your brushes

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette, 0.32 Ounce

I wash my brushes about every other week, unless they seem like they really need a good wash sooner. Preparing for a trip I decided to clean all my brushes, about 15 – I keep clean brushes separate from used brushes, just so I’m not washing clean brushes when they don’t really need it (like eye shadow brushes that look clean, but really aren’t).

Cleaning my bushes used to be a real chore. I use a lot of my brushes and so when it’s time to wash, it more than a few brushes at a time. I used to just put a dab of baby wash in the palm of my hand and scrub the brushes in my palm (you never want to submerge your brushes). After a while my palm gets a bit irritated. Now this product saved me from that this time.

This cool brush cleaner slips right on your hand easily. It’s very flexible (silicone) and takes well to brushes. There are three separate areas where the nubs go from very large for large brushes, to medium, then very small for brushes like your smaller eye brushes. I found that the center where the medium nubs are is the best area for most brushes, even larger brushes. Though I can’t say that this was much faster than using my palm, I can say it was a lot neater. Now I don’t know how to life without it. Such an awesome thing!

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