April 26, 2022

Writer's Market 100th Edition - a good general guide


Writer's Market 100th Edition: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting PublishedWriter's Market 100th Edition: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published by Writer's Digest Books
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As usual this edition has some very useful articles in the front; I found some information in the articles important enough to make notes, and the query letter examples were priceless. However, that said, this is a very generally, lengthy guide for both freelance non-fiction work, all the way through fiction. The literary agents section does not list all of the agents available (there is a separate guide for that with 600 agents listed). I am a fiction writer and found this book of somewhat limited scope for fiction writing. This book does have a comprehensive list of publishers, but most fiction writers will want to start with going through an agent. I will likely shell out a few more books for the literary agent's division of this book, or shell out the cash for the online version of Writer's Market.

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