November 23, 2009

Monday night success...

Wish I was writing that I successfully worked on the 2nd draft of the novel today. Instead, I worked all day, then went to school for class tonight. I turned in a major paper and did a PowerPoint presentation. Now classes are over for the week, since Thanksgiving is Thursday, but I still have another major paper due by the Saturday after Thanksgiving (a deadline that was kindly extended for everyone by the professor). Now it's nearly 9:40 and I'm exhausted. Also feel like I'm coming down with something, so off to bed I go.

And now a little inspiration for the writers out there - this is one of those little powerhouse books that can help smash through your fears and your blocks - an excellent book.

Years ago, when I was paralized with fear and not writing, I picked up this book. It helped me to develop the courage to write - just for myself at first.


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