January 28, 2012

Stone Angel by Luanne Rice - a story that will haunt me for days to come

Stone HeartStone Heart by Luanne Rice

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an awesome book. I was looking through my book shelf a couple days ago - so many books, so little time - when I happened upon this book. I thought this would be a quick easy read, or even a book I would start and abandon for lack of interest. Neither proved to be true.

Luanne Rice brought the New England family at the heart of this story so vividly to life and the bar of suspense just high enough, that all other reading was shoved aside in favor of this book. The beauty of this story of family secrets and tragedies is that, once you think you have it figured out, Rice throws yet another surprise in. It is told mostly from the main character Maria's point of view, but it is lightly interspersed with first person point of view narrative from her sister Sophie.

This is a well-written, literary novel that kept me turning the pages even after my eyes began to blur from the eye strain of reading continuously for hours. An excellent story, told in heartbreaking detail that will stay with me for many days to come.

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