April 28, 2012

Leonard Goldberg's Patient One is a thrilling winner

Patient One Patient One by Leonard Goldberg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So much more than just a medical mystery - also an excellent political thriller.

Leonard Goldberg weaves a tale that opens with an extravagant party in LA, full of distinguished guests who are ingesting a toxin without knowing it. He reveals that the distinguished guests are the President of the United States, the first family, a Russian President and his wife, and many other high ranking members of the government. Goldberg transports the reader to the hospital where the ill party guests are taken. There we meet Carolyn Ross, a registered nurse, and David Ballineau, an ER physician. The pair are called upon to dig deep for strength and exhibit bravery that most people could only dream of possessing.

Goldberg created a plot that was entirely, and frighteningly, realistic. His medical knowledge lends absolute authenticity to the medical situations in this story. As an RN myself, I can usually spot errors made by authors who either haven't done sufficient research, or lack medical know how. I didn't spot any errors at all in the medical situations depicted and therefore was swept away into this harrowing tale. Also, Goldberg's plotting is evenly crafted without the sag that inhabits the middle of many stories. This was an amazing thriller.

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