September 7, 2015

Finish 4 books by December 4th ~ The In-Between by Barbara Stewart

The In-BetweenThe In-Between by Barbara Stewart
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I almost stopped reading this book half a dozen times. It was such a total downer, but I kept hoping for a reprieve, but didn't get one. Still I kept reading, and hoping...

Elanor is a misfit and an outcast. Always dancing on the edge of a depression that wants to swallow her up. On the car ride to a new home her parents were moving her to, there is a bone crushing accident that threatens to swallow up both Elanor and her parents. Still, Elanor moves to the new home after a long coma and dance along the edge of a near death experience, she encounters a spirit in the new home. The spirit of a girl who threatens to swallow Elanor alive.

To tell more would give away too much of the story. This is well written and the author has crafted a well written story. But it dwells so much in the depths of depression that I could barely finish it. There were too few subplots to keep the story interesting beyond the soul crushing depression of the main character. I had such mixed feelings about this book. Bottom line is that I could have lived without this one.

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